Top 5 Best Guns of Free Fire| Top 5 Best Guns of Free Fire

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The Best Guns for Free Fire

free fire best guns in ff

Free Fire’s most popular assault rifle, the Groza. It is the most powerful assault rifle in Free Fire’s arsenal, with a maximum damage per hit of 61 points and an impressive fire rate. This weapon is extremely rare and is not easily found. If you are looking to buy an assault rifle, the Groza might be a good choice. The Groza is not available in drop-in stock.

AWM is an excellent sniper in Free Fire. It is a great weapon for pro players due to its accuracy, range and high damage. It is difficult to use for beginners because of its recoil. However, you can practice with different ammunition to improve your gunplay skills. The M4A1 long-range gun has a large magazine capacity. The M4A1 is a good choice for beginners but it can be difficult to use.

AWM is the best weapon for snipers in Free Fire. Although it takes longer to reload than most guns, it can kill enemies in one hit. Although it isn’t the fastest weapon to reload this weapon, it is still extremely powerful. This weapon also includes an 8X scope. The AWM gun is considered the most dangerous weapon in the game.

MAG-7: The MAG-7 is a great weapon for rush playstyles. The MAG-7 is a powerful weapon that can take out a team with four people in one hit. You can pair it with an AR for balance. The M249 can be used to fight at mid-range, while the M449 or Woodpecker are great long-range options. The most balanced SMG gun, the MAG-7 SMG is.

Fire best guns free of charge Guns are given a lot more importance by Free Fire. You will win matches if you have a better weapon. Many people don’t know enough about the best weapons to use for Free Fire. This article will discuss the top weapons available up to May 2021. Find the best reward codes. Fire redeem codes are available to get free fire. Free Fire Redeem Code list & get rewards.

Free Fire Best Guns

This is the complete listing.

1. Groza


The Groza is Free Fire Best Guns & actually the best assault rifle of the Free Fire. It has a range of 54 yards and a damage rating ranging from 61 to 61. It can be used both at close range and midrange.


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2. M1014 Fire best gun


The M1014 shotgun is quite impressive. The gun’s base damage is 94. It can fire 6 rounds at a 38-barrel speed. This shotgun is best suited for close-range shooting. This shotgun is ideal for close range. This gun can only fire one shot. Your opponent will be able to take you out in seconds.

3. AWM


AWM is a good choice to snipe long distances in Free Fire. It can cause incredible damage and can travel great distances. The gun has the range. It can kill up to four players with one shot. These guns are available as airdrops.


Fire is free Free Fire OB28 Advanced Server InformationLearn more about servers.

4. M1887


The M1887 can be called Free Fire’s most dangerous shotgun gun. It has a baseamage of 100. This gun is easy to use and includes 2 rounds. This gun is ideal for close-range shooting.

5. MP40


The MP40 is the most powerful gun at close range. The gun’s firing rate is 83 and damage is 22 and 48. The MP40 cannot be used in the lounge area. The MP40 is available as 20-rounds.


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